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We have many talented and well known instructors in San Diego too. Go to Do It With Icing on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. they have a huge selection. Also Standleys if you are in south San Diego.
I have, but I'm a rebel. Some colors seize and some don't. If it seizes I just use a tiny bit of oil or shortening to thin it again. There is no doubt the candy colors work best, but I don't want to buy them, so I have used Americolor gel and Wilton.
Susan O-Boyle Jacobson, she was a friend of mine, I sure miss her. She won the candy castle challenge on food network.
I don't know, I only know how I have done it I have several cake in my photos that I did this way.
I think all people who use the BC mixes will notice a difference with the new sizes. If the box still says it makes 2 8" cakes, that size is going to be considerably smaller with less mix. Everyone will notice that, not just hobby bakers. And Everyone will scratch their heads and say, 'why isn't this making my normal size cake?" It's one thing to downsize something and hope the public just doesn't notice, milk, ice cream, sugar (4 lb packages now for the same price of...
The kneeling pads used in gardening work well too.
Yes I build from the bottom up, with the larger flowers first.
I have done many cascading flower cakes. I build from the bottom up with the larger flowers and the stems are long enough(about 3") that they have plenty of structure. then fill in with the filler flowers. Also, my flowers are thin, so not that heavy. My wires are coated in white chocolate (no, it doesn't break or peel off) and that adds support inside the cake.Forgot to add, I place the flowers on at the venue after the cake is set up...
I've used both products. But since I get a coupon for the Amazing Mold putty at Michaels, I use it the most. It has less play time before it starts to set, but you can adjust that by putting it in the refrigerator before mixed the two compounds. For how many molds you can get, well...that depends on the size of your item. I got over 50 1" button molds out of mine.
Have you tried a different brand of cake mix instead? It could just be an inferior brand if they always come out bad. I never use room temp, don't have time, I break all sorts of baking rules. Over mix, use water, different temps, doesn't matter, as long as I don't go too rogue, it comes out fine. But I did notice one certain brand of cake mix is awful and never comes out even when I follow directions to a 'tee'.
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