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I've colored my stamens before. Both with the petal dust and with the paste/gel(mixed with alcohol) color and both worked. However I had cotton stamens, not wire ones. I have colored my wires before though, I covered the wire in a very thin white floral tape and then colored like above. Petal dust gives a pale color, and the painted gel gives a darker color.
Thanks so much. Be sure to read the instructions carefully, they are really easy but do still take one or two tries. I love teaching this class
I know some people that use sweetened condensed milk to make a carmel like sauce. I know it's very fast, but I'm sorry I don't have the recipe. Maybe you can 'google' for it?
Huskerfan, I would have written back to BC telling them they aren't fooling anyone. I'd want to know exactly WHO has boxes that are currently 15.25 OZ other than BC. Aligning their size with their competitors, what a bunch of hogwash! I would have preferred a price increase than a size decrease, because now you would have wasted batter or too much cake due to having to buy and prepare 2 boxes for the same amount of batter one box would make. They say 1 box will still...
I know this is an be a touchy subject. But depending on your recipe, adding tylose to fondant doesn't turn it into gumpaste necessarily. However, it will make it have some gumpaste properties. I would say, yes, you can add it now. If you have tylose, you could have just made a gumpaste recipe using tylose (Nickolaus Lodge has a great recipe). But I guess it depends on what you are making and if you needed fondant also. Sorry, this got a little wordy didn't it...
I don't want to offend anyone, and I'm afraid I don't know the answer. I know this site is great for sharing and there are ton's of free advice and tutorials out there so I'm sure someone can answer. But out of curiosity.. why don't you buy the video to see how it's done? I wonder what makes someone even want to buy a video or DVD when the information is so easy to get for free? Again, please, I'm just curious from a business standpoint.
Yes, they did it at least a month ago, I'd complain to their customer service. I did, got the standard automated reply and nothing else. My friend complained and they had the nerve to tell her they adjusted their size to match the competitors...ummm DH and PB are NOT 15.25 oz, at least not yet
Actually, Wilton candy melts don't need to be tempered. But if you overheat them they could have separated from the fats as stated in the previous post. Also, I always refrigerate or freeze the cake with the acetate on it to set the chocolate. When you chill it quickly liike that, you will have a shine when you remove the acetate. Be careful though!!!! Too long in the freezer and you will crack your chocolate wrap. I only give a 8" cake about 3 minutes or so.
You didn't mention the size of the cake in height? Was there just one layer of filling? Or 3 layers of filling? Maybe torting to get 3 filling layers would help.
Roz's is actually in San Marcos, about 1 mile from me. That's about 30 minutes north on the I-15. She's got a small shop, but quite a good selection.
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