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I use the amazing putty from the craft store to make my molds. The silicone putty Dominic has works well too. I used my PME snowflake cutters to make the molds. I think there are also snowflake silicone molds in the cake section of my craft store also, they will work for isomalt too.
I do that all the time. I do chill my cut cookies (not on the cookie sheet!) before I put them in the oven, then after 8 minutes recut if necessary.
I would think steaming would make the paper wrappers come away from the cupcakes. I do know that my friend makes her cakes by steaming. If they are in wrappers, I would be more inclined to poke the cuppie with a toothpick and use the simple syrup, so the syrup would get to the bottom.
I seem to recall Wilton made some of these a couple years ago too. Not sure if they still do.
The best suggestion is to try again. They really are easy, but you have to pay attention to the tutorial and do what it says. The gelatin sets pretty fast on the 2nd and 3rd coats so it needs to be warm (re heat it) and you can't play with it, just dip and let set up. Good luck!
Thanks Jan! And yours came out great!
Rebecca, it's two to one, two parts water to one part gelatin. You should download a .pdf reader so you can read the entire tutorial. There is discussion about it in the sticky in the 'how do I' forum along with the gelatin flowers.
I believe rice paper and wafer paper are the same thing. When I use it, it does melt into the cake, but I don't of a way to make it stick to your mat without ruining the paper. However, there is a smooth side and a rough side to the paper. Try flipping it over.
I've done something similar, except the bubbles were spiraling around the cake. I had to use the wire method mentioned to give enough surface area to touch the bubble to so it would stick. They are very light, but still need some support. Have fun!
I learned how to do the icing 'plugs' from our cake club in 1989, I demo'd it in Omaha in 1995, boy they've been a round a looonnngg time, sure wish I knew who thought this one up. It's a huge time saver. We call them 'cartridges', but are wonderful for kids, storing in the freezer, demos and of course for any cake you need to refill your bag a lot for.
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