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A truffle without the hard chocolate coating (like one rolled in cocoa powder) in the center of a cupcake is how they make lava cakes.  I've done it, but I can't remember if I baked it a little longer or not.  You can try searching for 'lava' cakes and see what they say.
That is an option, and the one I do the most.  I dry dusted my chocolate with the silver lustre dust and it worked well.   You can paint with orange oil and silver lustre dust to get a great shine and covereage (and it tastes really yummy).  I haven't used the airbrush spray so the others can help you with that.
Actually I mean the colored disks.  They sell all different colors of the disks.  I think the chocolate ones will just give you a light brown.  I mix different colors of chocolate disks to get new colors, like red and brown to get a brick color.  If you can't find black, I would the gel food color and thin with shortening or paramont crystals if it siezes.
I add black chocolate disks to my white when I melt it to get grey.  It doesn't take much and black is now available year round.  You can also use regular food color gel or paste, it just might sieze the chocolate, to which I would either add paramont crystals or a little shortening to loosen it back up again. The only other option I can think of it to dust the chocolate with the non-toxic silver dust after it's molded.
I would say most videos will take pre work longer than expected.  Are you familiar with all the tools they offer?  It's possible you will have to learn it too. Don't forget lighting and a good microphone also!  You will find having to re-do a shot a couple times will happen due to your hand in the way or a dog bark or phone just never know so better to give a little more time. Definitely keep the rights and make sure to spell out all the ways they can use these...
I use dishwashing (dawn) soap to pretreat.
That's exactly what I was thinking cylstrial.  I've piped cookies before, so I think I'll give this a whirl (pun intended)  :)
Wow, I love the front tire coming forward like you have it.  You can use modeling chocolate (aka candy clay, chocolate clay..etc..) instead of fondant, it's much cheaper.  Otherwise the buttercream will work well.  Can't wait to see it done.
I was in Orlando a couple years ago.  No sure if Disney has Harry Potter, but Universal Studios did, a lot of rides and theme stuff, it was great fun!  I went to D&G also, it's a huge store, but the employees were pretty rude to me so my experience wasn't so great.  Still wish I was going back though!
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