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That's what I've used it for too.  Glad it's worked out.  Printers are finicky aren't they?
Wafer paper doesn't have backing.  Were you intending to buy frosting sheets?  What are you trying to feed it into?  I've used wafer paper in my edible printer without a problem, but your note is a little vague on what you are trying to do.
You just missed the San Diego Cake Club meeting last night...hope to see you there some time.  We had a food safety course for club members in January so lots of members can help you with the CFL.
Took a while for me to picture this, I kept thinking you were talking about the candy called Zotz, my kids favorite, but it's not that sticky  :op
I agree about the problem filling classes.  I can't fill a class locally even with just 5 students.  And I've tried all techniques, from beginning basic fondant, chocolate clay or buttercream to gumpaste flowers, Lambeth, run sugar collars and bas relief.  I can only get a few students and it's not pricing, most classes are less than $50.  I think it's all the freebies on youtube and the tutorials.  I don't have a marketing team, but the shop I teach at does advertise,...
On the same subject, with all the free tutorials, free utubes and crafty classes, I can't even get a minimum in my classes anymore.  Who wants to pay for a local class when they can go online and get it cheap froma  big name or for free? 
I vote for the rose people, they are fun!  If it has to be a baby theme they can easily be mom and dad roses with a baby 'bud'.  What fun, wish I lived over your way too!
I know they say you can only use candy colors to color modeling chocolate.  But that is in the liquid state.  If you make the modeling chocolate and then color it, you should be able to use your regular gel or paste colors.  I do this all the time.
It isn't really 'mine', wish I could remember which magazine it was, but it was very tasty.  Done like remnant says, just pushed in a little and the cupcake baked around it.  I seem to recall a blog or website also that talked about inserting all kinds of candy into cupcakes and then baking them.  I distinctly remember a snickers bar or something like that.  Google something like, 'surprise inside cupcakes' and it should come up.  It was really cool.
Well, that's what MY lava cake recipe says to do.  Got it out of a Holiday Magazine years ago, so maybe some are done differently
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