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The plastic wrap was my backup when I kept forgetting to use another tip I saw:Get the cheap plastic shower caps (like from a hotel or dollar store) and cut a hole in the center for the blade to spin. Pull the elastic edge over the bowl, and everything should stay inside.I still don't have the shower caps.....
To support the weight, you could get a piece of wood cut. I did that for some tall sheet cakes.
For those of us that like to see the stuff in the bowl, I wrap a length of Plastic Wrap around the top of the bowl, making sure it won't get caught in the blade movement. I must be strange, because covering up with a towel made me feel out of control!
I saw a You Tube video that showed a professional heat seal machine, and of course don't need anything that extravagant. I may have to use a "practice bag" with my hair straightening iron! What a great idea- I'll get a dedicated one after seeing the results. Thanks!
This website has videos on using cookie stencils- you can use food coloring and a stencil brush, or smooth RI on, then lift the stencil.
Now you can really have some fun!Linda
I am looking at the Cub Scout emblem on edible image "paper" for the Blue and Gold. I think that would be the easiest way to go.You could get the fleur de lis cutter from Scouts. I wonder if you could hand cut, or make a simple cutter, of the eagle shape. Decorate the two parts separately, then stack them with a touch of icing to glue them together.Good luck!Linda
I did this on the fly for the Super Bowl. I had not finished the cookies, so just let the kids do them. It was messy, but lots of fun. I used parchment bags- DO NOT! Squeeze bottles would be lots better. Even baggies would be a little better.Make sure the icing isn't too thin. Even if they have to squeeze a little harder, it won't run off the edges as easily.Don't have too many color choices, but have several bottles of each color.Have extra cookies- they will...
Where is a good place to order these? (Cusom design) Do local bakeries do these for us?
I want to do a strawberry cake with choc ganache filling, and a white frosting. I thought whipped cream, tho I have never done this. First question: good recipe? Then, does it work similar to buttercream, or do you just spatula it on for a more textured finish?TIA!Linda L.
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