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I used lemon- it was wonderful!
I got a great response from lemon flavoring in the Antonia's RI.
The bouquet came out wonderfully!
How do I attach the EI to MMF? I'm thinking that might be easier for my scouts to do than to do icing.
I showed this to hubby, he thought it was great! He said, "Send me a link." So I did. I won't hold my breath, but wouldn't it be great!
I just got my first image printed at the grocery store, but was looking at supplies on line. I can't wait to give it a try, then see what new toys I may NEED for Mother's Day!
I stop the mixer, lift the edge, and add a little bit more dry mix. Pop the cover back over the edge, and start mixing again.
The plastic wrap was my backup when I kept forgetting to use another tip I saw:Get the cheap plastic shower caps (like from a hotel or dollar store) and cut a hole in the center for the blade to spin. Pull the elastic edge over the bowl, and everything should stay inside.I still don't have the shower caps.....
To support the weight, you could get a piece of wood cut. I did that for some tall sheet cakes.
For those of us that like to see the stuff in the bowl, I wrap a length of Plastic Wrap around the top of the bowl, making sure it won't get caught in the blade movement. I must be strange, because covering up with a towel made me feel out of control!
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