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I just finished cutting several items- see my post in the How To section. Today's success makes me ready to try more. I have used it a few times since getting, but today was the best.I can't imagine cutting cookies with it. I make decorated cookies, and there is no way to get the nice thick ones with the cricut. Moravian sugar cookies, maybe! I have been thinking about using the machine to cut a template for...
I just finished cutting both homemade gumpaste and Wilton Sugar Sheets today. My gumpaste I rolled very thin, then left out to dry for 20-30 minutes or so. They were a bit dry-ish on top, but the scraps still kneaded up and could be rerolled. I cut the castle and princess from the Birthday Cakes cartridge at 5" and 4.5". I also cut a scalloped oval at 1.75, and a fancy O at 1.25 from other cartridges.Then I pulled out my Sugar Sheet to cut lettering. I finally found...
Great to know! The cakes are lovely!
That wouldn't go over too well with folks I know!
What about : Lena in a beautiful font, then Cake Designs in a smaller block font under that. Maybe angle the Lena just a little with the second line just a bit to the right.Lena Cake DesignCan't get this to do what I want! but I'm sure you get the idea. Good luck!
I was having trouble with the tassel always breaking off on my grad hats. I ended up widening it out just a bit so that area was not so small. Then followed the suggestions above re chilling, moving as little as possible.
I like the different textures presented. I agree that you need to figure the amount she overpaid (if any) for the fondant topper on the 2nd half vs buttercream, and refund that no questions asked. If she then expresses disappointment, ask her what would make her happier, and negotiate from there.
What a cutie! Cake looks great too! The texturing looks wonderful!
I googled, and found one recipe that says to brush the marzipan lightly with water, which will "glue" the fondant on. Another recipe says egg whites.
Shelley, I have not worked with the special topsy turvy pans. It looks like the shape of the pan should replace having to cut the angle for the top of each tier. I would think about cutting the space in each tier for the next one up to rest in. (There are several good tutorials for this on YouTube; I like Janelle's.) After cutting that area down, and covering with icing or fondant, then you peg the tiers just as you would for regular flat tiers.I think some people...
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