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Are you wanting printed, or embroidered? I can help with embroidery. Private message if you are interested.
Great info! I'm wondering if, as with my sewing machines, this is something that should be done every couple of years preventatively. My hubby and I are both trained sewing machine techs (not active at this point, but still have the tools and knowledge!), and this looks pretty straightforward.
The spice cookie recipe from Karen's Cookies is wonderful!
I had great success last week with lettering on my cricut. I rolled homemade gumpaste very thin, then let it dry for 20 minutes or so. On my Princess cake, the capital O is 1.25 inches. The rest of the lettering is cut from a Wilton sugar sheet at .75inch.
I've used the Toll House cookie recipe off the yellow bag! A 12" cake pan makes a nice size. Disposable pizza pans work. I've also doubled and done a 1/2 sheet size. Be sure not to push too much into the edge. The dough will expand when cooking. By pushing it into the edge, you can assure yourself a crunchy crust.
Glad you and your home are OK! Good luck with the cakes.
Beautiful cake!! Congrats!
I acutally put on a second layer of fondant(MMF) one time when mine was too thin.
Cutting a cake IS messy! I think that is why many venues take them to the kitchen to cut for weddings, etc. I usually remove the top tier and set to still display. If all the tiers are the same flavor, just start at the top to serve (I also use Debi's method, and LOVE the cake comb.) Work your way down. Some people like to serve the bottom first, so any leftovers are more likely intact layers. I guess you would lift off the upper tiers as one, and set aside. If...
[url]When someone says they cannot afford you/you're too expensive, etc. You say:"That's okay. Everyone has a budget they have to work with. Not everyone can afford a custom cake. Thanks for thinking of me." [/url]I'd be careful with the "you can't afford me" reference. Customer education about why the price is what it is may bring them back, after they have mulled over the quote. Don't count them out, or offend them!
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