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"Raise the Cake cake stands and cupcake stands are hassle free and are meant to be used on a one time basis, but if you wish to wash off the frosting and use it again, go for it. If you choose to toss it, be sure to remove the keepsake crystal embellishment." From the FAQ section of their website.This looks even more like a cake dummy.
I did the lettering on my princess cake using the Wilton sheets. It worked well cutting it in my Cricut.You can see it in my Photos.
Check out the recipe Pam uses. I have used this many times now with good reviews. recipe is in FAQs. She also shares tutorials.
A star!!! Well done!
What would we do without Cake Central and YouTube!!!!
You can brush the fondant with just a bit of corn syrup. Be careful of water as you don't want to accidentally make a puddle and wet the image too much and melt it.
I have a nice airbrush, but am looking for one of the smaller compressors to use with it. What amt power do I need? Does anyone know where I can get the comp. only? Is the Duff compressor adequate for very occassional airbrushing? I could buy it with a coupon, and put my own brush with it.I've seen a recent post with the Master brand set. How about that?Thanks!!
Wow, at these prices, I don't think I will make flowers myself!! It takes me hours!
They can both be used, but are DEFINITELY NOT the same thing. The Wilton ones are more like rolled fondant, and the Cricut ones I got seemed more like fruit leather! The Wilton ones work well.I have not tried Icing Images, but they now have a nice selection of colors, and have good reviews.
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