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I have a nice airbrush, but am looking for one of the smaller compressors to use with it. What amt power do I need? Does anyone know where I can get the comp. only? Is the Duff compressor adequate for very occassional airbrushing? I could buy it with a coupon, and put my own brush with it.I've seen a recent post with the Master brand set. How about that?Thanks!!
Wow, at these prices, I don't think I will make flowers myself!! It takes me hours!
They can both be used, but are DEFINITELY NOT the same thing. The Wilton ones are more like rolled fondant, and the Cricut ones I got seemed more like fruit leather! The Wilton ones work well.I have not tried Icing Images, but they now have a nice selection of colors, and have good reviews.
What about Rice Krispie treats instead of cake?
I do the same as knlcox. I do not use a pasta roller- tried that, and the time and trouble was not worth it! You can also add gumpaste powder or tylose to your MMF to help firm it up.
Had to laugh!!! We were just remembering my 10yo exclaimation that "the cake broke!" Thanks to my dogs I was rebaking that night! The kitchen gate had not gotten latched, so the dogs got over to the cake!
I have detailed fondant with RI with success.I have also made several cookie cutters. I read the tutorial here on CC, then got the flashing and epoxy at the hardware store. I think it was under 10 dollars for the roll, and I have been using it for a long time!
It sure is pretty, though!
Doug posted a template for carving a sheet cake into a book in the photo gallery Templates a while back.The first book cake I made I carved. Just recently I did get the pan, and used flower nails in the deeper parts to help even out the baking.
When I used the Wilton Sheet, I cut away just the amount I needed from the larger sheet. I did then remove it from the paper backing, and applied a thin coat of shortening to the cricut sheet and the back of the sugar sheet. I had great success with 3/4" lettering with the Sugar Sheet. (See my Princess Cake)
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