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This is my request also! Thanks for pushing thru the bugs!
Thankfully my store still has transfat in the storename brand. The lower priced generic is 0 TF, and of course the name brand is 0 TF. One of these days I should buy up some stock before they change this one too!
I have the Cricut cake. I bought it when it first came out, and then purchased SCAL software to go with it. I can create my own designs to cut with the combo I have.UNFORTUNATELY the software is no longer available for use with the Cricut Cake. You will not be able to purchase any software that will work with the Cricut.If I were buying today, I would not purchase the Cricut. I would not want to be limited to cartridges. Those cartridges are wonderful, but are quite...
I think that is the stand Bronwyn sells on her website. cal ja va on line . com/ cakestudy (take out spaces to enter website)The cake sits on an acrylic plate that slides onto the stand.
Sorry to say I don't really know! I'll get the Cake out and check!
I did have very good success cutting letters from the Wilton sugar sheets with my cricut cake (princess book cake). I cut off just what I needed from the larger sheet, pulled off the backing sheet, then applied to mat with very small bit of shortening.
Do you use these? Are they a good investment? Are the ones at Aldi a good place to start (cost-wise?) I have been using parchment, but am considering switching over.TIA!
Debbie, I think she means "cricket" the game!Looks to me like a rectangular cake, several layers, carved to round the ends. Then covered with fondant and details. I might start with two 12x18 half sheet cakes, then cut them in half to 6x18. Stack all four layers, then proceed with carving.
"Raise the Cake cake stands and cupcake stands are hassle free and are meant to be used on a one time basis, but if you wish to wash off the frosting and use it again, go for it. If you choose to toss it, be sure to remove the keepsake crystal embellishment." From the FAQ section of their website.This looks even more like a cake dummy.
I did the lettering on my princess cake using the Wilton sheets. It worked well cutting it in my Cricut.You can see it in my Photos.
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