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Posts by Lcubed82 showed some boxes for macaroons at a meeting this past weekend.
I have a heat sealer, but it does not vacuum. I got it from Triton Pakaging. so far I have only used the Wilton bags from M's, and they do great.
Thank You!!!! I am experimenting on techniques for my cookies!
Just met the owners of a specialty box company. showed a group of us their boxes. They have CC boxes on their website.
I am using my airbrush for the first time. First question (I'm sure there will be more!): can I mix Americolor airbrush colors to get other colors? Specifically, can I mix white into other colors to get a softer shade?Thanks in advance!Linda
IndyDebi wrote a great response to this a while back. The fee covers the wage for those cutting, the use of dessert plates and utensils, cleanup of those, etc. Location and venue will affect the amount. Using the house baker may waive the fee, but the cost of the cake may be higher to cover these.
Sounds like fun! Nice to be able to play around with different designs.
I don't have that pan, but bought one of the other Christmas pans. I used NFSC dough, and it was just too thick. Crunchy on the edges, not quite cooked in the middle. The design lines showed for the most part, but not great definition.
This is my request also! Thanks for pushing thru the bugs!
Thankfully my store still has transfat in the storename brand. The lower priced generic is 0 TF, and of course the name brand is 0 TF. One of these days I should buy up some stock before they change this one too!
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