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If you search the glallery on CC for "Princess", "castle", etc, you will see many that use ice cream cones for the towers. Cake cones for the towers, sugar cones for the peaks. I am going to be doing this in two weeks also!
I use no more than 1/2 a tub of teh storebought icing. Too much makes it too mushy.
I'd love to try the EZ roller. Just a hobbiest, so does anyone want to sell one cheap (then write off the rest as a business expense?!)
I met someone locally who is doing gangbusters with cake balls, and uses the roller. She said it took some doing, but now uses it exclusively. I'd love to try one. Anyone selling one cheap and writing off the loss? !
I have started attaching sticks to the back of the cookie with candy melts. I do this to make cookie cake toppers, actually attaching to bubble straws.
Beautiful! I also use her icing
Some recipes call for a full tub of icing (storebought). For me, that is WAY too much, especially if you have a very moist cake. I usually only add one to two large spoonfuls, just enough to make everything hold together.
I have been tempted to try the Babycake Cake Pop baker, but withheld because of all the reviews. I was at Kohls today and saw the new model that rotates like a belgian waffle maker. It is supposed to improve the roundness of the pop.Maybe I didn't try the best batter for a first attempt. I make a brownie batter, and used my 1 tbsp scoop to fill the spots. (The new kit comes with a batter bottle, but I didn't want to use any of the accessories until I had tried the...
I use one scoop using my large Pampered Chef scooper.
WM Great Value took the trans fat out of their shortening. Aldi did too. I can still find 3% at my local Shop N Save.I love using this recipe. I have started only doing 4 cups/ 4 lbs in my 5qt KA. the full recipe was getting all mucked up at the top of the beater in the spring. I also just purchased a pouring shield. With a bit of plastic wrap to finish up the coverage, the mess factor was WAY less!
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