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What a sweet guy!  And he did a great job!    My DH bake a cake?  He doesn't even eat it!  My DD this year wanted apple crisp instead of cake (daddy's girl).  Thank goodness I am more of a cookie baker than a caker.  I save my caking for my friends and their kids birthdays!
Do you know the price is down from $269 to $99?  I bought one at this lower price.  I haven't had many chances to work with it yet, and am still getting inconsistent balls, but I'm not giving up!
The only program I know of is the Cricut Design Studio.  You will have to check the Cricut site for it.  There is an online feature for designing using many cartridges, but my understanding is you have to actually own the cartridges for the design to cut.
I am dissappointed to see that neither Square nor Intuit work with the Windows phone.  I had hoped to start using this app. 
Thanks for sharing the video!  I never would have thought to roll the "crust" off a cake!!  and frosting this way actually makes me want to try (with a glove!)
First you need to determine exactly what it will cost to make the cake: ingredients, electricity, etc, gas to go to store, cardboard cake boards, boxes for delivery, and every little item involved in the process. Examples of costs we tend to forget: *Will you need to purchase tools, pans, etc for the job? If so, will you use them again? If yes, then you can amortorize the purchase price over several cakes, if no, then the cost goes onto this project. *Will you need...
I would think that would be rather difficult to do the whole cookie.  Have you worked with fondant?  Many people cut the fondant shape, then decorate by adding details with other colors (you can layer, or to avoid buildup, cut out and piece in) or with food markers.  Attach the fondant to the cookies with a thin brushing of corn syrup.
I just got one as well.  My first "roll" was so-so.  I threw it back in the bowl and tried again.  Much better luck the second time.   I was using cake/little bit of frosting, not Oreo truffles. Now, I was only able to roll two logs at a time, as I kept rolling too far and having lumps fall out when I tried to do 3!  14 is still better than 1!   I know a lot of people don't like it, but there is a lady in my town that runs a quite busy legal business, and swears by...
Or it is a large Christmas ornament holder.
My understanding is with Design Studio, you can create layouts on the computer, then have the Cricut cut them. It is similar to many other graphics programs, like card creating ones, etc. The only rub is, even though DS allows you to use all the cartridges to design with, you must have the ones used in order to actually cut the shape. You must still invest in cartridges.With the Cake Basic, you would be able to layout your lettering and other shapes, size them to any...
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