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I make sure to get NON Latex gloves from GFS.  I am sensitive to latex.     This got me to wondering: If one used latex gloves, would the latex transfer to the fondant, then cause a problem for someone who is highly allergic to latex, if they ate the fondant?
The MDF boards are great.  I always want mine back thought!   Cake drums are usually more like this following:   I think these are actually layers of the cake circles already stacked and covered with fancy foil.  Using a coupon at Michaels or Hobby Lobby, it's probably not any more expensive to buy these than to stack, glue and cover the thinner boards yourself.
Many cookiers, including myself, use the 2-pk pans from Sams Club.  Not quite as heavy as Chicago Metallics, but you get two for half the price of CM.  I have 2 CMs and 6 of the others, and usually use the others.
I'm sorry for your loss, James.  
Wow!  All the cakes are wonderful!     Here's my weekend update.  Remotes and Wii are RKT.  White is fondant, other two are covered with modeling chocolate.  Other tiers are cake covered with vanilla SMBC and fondant.  I forgot to get a picture before the numbers were added.  Oh well!     
Love the Frozen cake!   I am getting ready to roll black fondant for a PS3 cake tier and an XBox tier.  The Wii tier is RKT, as are the 3 controllers.  I have all day tomorrow to add the details, so hoping to get to bed after the fondant is on!
I've used that recipe (straight off the back of the can of choco powder) twice now with fantastic results.  Everyone loved it.  My choco recipe from now on.
SCAL had to stop working with the Cricut machines because of law suits.    SCAL2 is the last software edition that worked, but only if you didn't update your firmware on the Cricut itself.        I found this list of firmware versions on a chat board.  These are the latest that will work with SCAL2.   "If you're happily using SCAL then there is no need to update your Cricut firmware beyond the versions listed below. Keep in mind these are the highest...
I'd start with this.   This nightmare would only be second to having someone show up to pick up the cake you thought was next week!  So sorry!
What a sweet guy!  And he did a great job!    My DH bake a cake?  He doesn't even eat it!  My DD this year wanted apple crisp instead of cake (daddy's girl).  Thank goodness I am more of a cookie baker than a caker.  I save my caking for my friends and their kids birthdays!
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