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do you actually want to teach? being a good teacher takes certain skills and personality. just cause you got asked to do it doesnt mean you have to do it. its ok to say you dont want to, youd rather focus on making cakes - although it sounds like you need to revisit this agreement with the owner! i dont think classes will impact on how many cakes are sold. if people want to make cake, they arent going to buy it in the first place. then again they might realise its too much...
by cake carrier, what do you mean? cause if its something air tight, be careful - it could make the fondant/ gumpaste accents wilt. besides, the pan used is apparently 12 inches long, so with the icing and fins, it will not fit in that box. so if you *must* use that box, then you will need to carve a cake your self. (besides, even if the cake fits in, its usually nice to have it on a board a bit bigger)wiltons serving guides are pretty accurate - id guess they mean party...
you torte them, like any other cake. i have never seen reviews from people that have actually used them - but i think the concern comes from the fact that the thin side might over bake.the way i do mine doesnt waste any cake either, cause i dont carve down the sides. this set doest have tapered sides, so will give the same look.xx
It can help to cover with marzipan first too. I am not a mini cake person, I think it takes patience and tactics to get the knack for a smooth finish. So I would go for the homestyle poured fondant instead!xx
What pans are you using? Odd that it's a change that happens after they are out for a while!xx
You can just hold the cake on ur hand, or use ur regular turn table.Gets easier with practice! Be generous with whatever you are using!xx
ganache sets up a lot firmer than bc, so it can help with the security. possible to do it in bc though, so then its a taste and confidence issue!xx
you cant attatch photos to posts just no, upload them to your pictures on this site instead - although i believe that is a bit hit and miss just now too.xx
shortening is fat - what they call crisco, we call trex - make sure it vegetable shortening for icings!no solutions for your problem tho - i sometimes get this too, think its just too much colouring.xx
pretty sure he must have some hobby he likes, even if its just an obsession with the latest tv show - get mum to give you some more valuble info than what his life doesnt include! lots of nice stripey or retro dots cakes. piled high with sweets, or a candy...
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