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I have found a much clearer picture from the site she found the picture on.... maybe this will help both of us, it doesnt look like piped buttercream in the better picture to me but maybe it still is? I'm at a loss? She really loves this cake and I hope to some how give it to her!! 
Oh, I didnt even think about the ruffles being piped on buttercream? I will ask her to send me a better picture to see if I can see more detail! 
Here is a much clearer Picture if this helps anyone.....      My cousin is getting married and would like a cake like this! She sent me this picture she snapped from her computer.... but what material would I use? A mixture of gumpaste and fondant? and how would I get them to look like this? Any ideas would be greatly helpful? And if you know of a video tutorial that would be great!! Thank you in advance!!!   Also best way to get the edible silver sugar...
I will be using a thicker consistency Chocolate Filling (much like a pie filling) and the preserves should be pretty thick right out of the jar so I was hoping to just use it like that. I think i will be filling the cakes and decorating on Friday night and then I have to deliver and set up the cake on Sat at 530pm. Cake will be served about 730pm. The crumb coating of BC maybe is a good idea just in case.... I just wasnt sure if the strawberry preserves would absorb in the...
Hello, I am baking a tiered cake for this weekend and the birthday girl would like a chocolate filling in one layer and strawberry preserves in the other layer. I know that I need to create a dam with icing to keep the filling from pushing its way out from between the layers. But I was wondering should I use something to "seal" the cake so that the cake does not absorb the filling and get mushy?? Any help would be appreciated!!! Thank you for your time!!!
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