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lolobell, how did the cupcakes turn out with the chocolate chips? Did they sink to the bottom? Did you use regular or mini chips?
The winner, 2nd and 3rd place are on page 25, along with a link to an excel spreadsheet with all the results.
durell87, I took the liberty of listing the recipes in the way we did for the yellow cake scratchoff sign up. If everyone could just copy the list, add your name to your chosen recipe and then paste it in your post, we can keep an up to date, ongoing list without you having to keep track of who is baking what. I've listed them by the cake names, but the numbers correspond to the recipe links and/or recipes. I hope I haven't been too bold in doing so.1) King Arthur Flour...
The white on white cake was actually submitted in the yellow cake scratch off. I believe it came in second place. In my opinion, it's the best tasting cake out there and is now my go-to vanilla cake.
I'm still interested in participating. In the above post, OP said the recipes had to be in by the 14th; I am assuming you meant November 14th? Do you feel we have enough recipes from which to choose? I've got my go to chocolate cake and yellow cake from prior scratch-offs and really want a go to white one as well.
Wow. You were a lot more thorough than I. They got me with the cube shape, made sense and I didn't look any further. Thanks for letting me know. Could have been ugly.
That's weird. When I googled for a cube of butter, the answer was 2 ounces, or half a stick, which would result in a "cube" shape. Wonder which it is. Hmmmm.....
I just did chocolate transfers on cookies this weekend. What I found was that they seemed a little thick because I wasn't thinking about that as I was building the different colors. Then I didn't know what to do with the edges. I ended up melting them a bit in the microwave and using a paintbrush to drag the edge of the transfer to the edge of the cookie. They turned out okay. Anywho, I'm sure either buttercream or royal would work. Just make sure to think ahead...
Here's a recipe that uses shortening instead of butter.
I'd like to submit the white cake recipe from King Arthur Flour. I haven't made it myself, but it got great reviews and uses the paste method, which I've not tried before. Here's the link:
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