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I posted the picture. I'll try to post the link. bless my family for only seeing the love that went into it and not EVERY. SINGLE. FLAW. that I see. I always want to try new things and new recipes since, due to our waistlines, I don't make very many cakes anymore. Bites me in the bottom quite often. Guess I should only try new things on practice or dummy cakes. Thanks Marianna for your suggestions/encouragement.
Marianna: When I took the cake out of the refrigerator to pipe the design, within 15 minutes it was very wet. I had to put the cake under a fan and it took two hours for the fondant to dry completely. By then, I had just enough time to pipe the design and get to the party. I just left it out of the refrigerator. I like your idea and will try it in the future. It just seems I always keep adding stuff and redoing stuff until I'm in a time crunch. But the good news is...
I'm making my niece's 16th birthday cake and wonder if I've messed up (not an unusual occurrence BTW). It's a chocolate cake filled with vanilla SMBC, covered with milk chocolate ganache and then fondant. I'm piping a henna design with royal icing and adding some flowers made with modeling chocolate. I'm in's been ridiculously hot...and the cake has to be transported this afternoon about an hour away. I made an icing using shortening, but my family hated it...
Since they just passed the Texas cottage food bill, I'm looking forward to having something to work on on Friday night. Not that I'm not usually working, it's just usually for free since I haven't been able to charge. Have been experimenting with cake pops tonight...might be something worth investigating further.
Tiggy2: Thanks for the info...that sounds like what I'm looking for. Can't wait to try it out tomorrow.
I think the OP means that when she tries to take the liner off to eat it, it doesn't come off easily and tears up the cupcake. I've had that happen before, but don't know why.
Tiggy2: Did the vanilla cake recipe produce a dense or fluffy cake ball? I just got my machine and am trying to decide which recipe to use. Thanks!
I'm so glad to hear that the deadline was extended. Despite my best intentions and early planning, the holidays still kicked my bottom. I will definitely do my taste tests uniced and unfilled.
The white on white is my go to vanilla cake. I've had some trouble with it in the past but the flavor was worth the trouble to make it work. I, however, don't really consider it a "white" cake, more of a yellow/butter/vanilla cake. But, again, it is, bar none, the BEST tasting vanilla cake EVER, IMHO, of course.
I participated in the chocolate and yellow scratch offs and had my testers taste the cake by itself. After getting their opinions, I iced them to finish eating the leftovers. Some cakes would have scored a lot differently with the addition of the icing.
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