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I purchased a Jenn-Air Double Convection oven when I built my home five years ago. It wasn't until after I began my quest to perfect scratch baking that I noticed the wide temperature swing (50+ degrees). The repair man told me that was normal and there was absolutely nothing wrong. I wish I had been more insistent but didn't know I should be. BTW, my Jenn-Air dishwasher purchased at the same time is already on the fritz. Thank tsal for the thread and thanks scp1127...
This is why I love this site. I only bake for my family and friends and am always looking for the best ingredients. I'd never heard of muscovado sugar or Asbinthe until scp1127's post. I love learning new things. Thanks scp1127...I always look forward to your posts.
That's interesting cakestyles. I guess I just got lucky. I'll make sure I use the next order faster.
I wouldn't leave it at room temperature that long either. But in the vacuum sealed bags and in my freezer, there was no color change or odor.
I, too, am a hobby baker and when I received my 50 pound package of Sweetex three years ago, I divided it up into smaller bags, vacuum sealed them and put them in the freezer. The last batch I thawed was just as fresh as the first. I ran out a couple of months ago and didn't think to order before it got so hot. BIG mistake!
Since I only have good cake pans in 6, 8 and 10 inches, I've never baked this cake in 9" pans. Perhaps that's part of my problem I usually bake it in two 8" pans and torte the layers. Once they have rested a bit and cooled (and sometimes frozen overnight), I don't find they are difficult to handle. I once tried adding an egg yolk along with the whites and it helped with the cupcakes but not so much on the layer. Snarkybaker gave me the advice to make the batter...
Rebecca Rather's white on white buttermilk cake is, IMHO, by far the best tasting vanilla cake. I have struggled with shrinkage and ugly cupcakes and made it more times than I can remember to try and work out the kinks so that it bakes consistently for me. To me, the taste is worth the work. I'm still not quite there yet, but close. I really think it's my oven. But, back to the the subject. The cake, if made according to the recipe, will taste divine.
Do you use baking strips? If not, that's the first thing I would try. I always use them. Also, on any cakes larger than 6", I use a flower nail in the center to help conduct the heat. I've been known to use four of them on a sheet cake. I have a heat core, but the nails work for me so I haven't even tried it yet.
I've never colored or painted it, but I've kept modeling chocolate in the refrigerator for over a month and it was fine. Over this past weekend, I transported a cake with flowers made from modeling chocolate in my vehicle from Conroe to Downtown Houston, AC blasting of course, with no problem.
scp1127: This sounds very interesting to me. Can you point me in the right direction as far as where to begin to adapt my recipes? I've been known to make 7 cakes in a row trying to tweak a recipe, but must admit I don't really have a clue as to where to begin to adapt a recipe for this application. Thank you.
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