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Thanks for the warm welcome. I agree with you solascakes, there is an amazing amount of talent and information on this site. It would have been a mile-long post if I had been able to list all I have learned here. I am so grateful those who know are willing to share.
I was able to upload the picture of the only cookie I had left over. Dang...cookies are hard and take forever. I was up every day last week until 2:00 - 3:00 a.m. (and back up at 5:30 with kids) trying to get everything done. I had footballs, basketballs, golf balls, helmets, tennis racquets, golf bags, bears and tennis balls. Oh well. I'm looking for the picture of the RKT fondant football and basketball I took with my phone at the banquet, but they aren't there or...
I'll try to figure out how to do that, but the two taken with my phone aren't going to be very good. I promise...they looked good in person
I just went through this and tried several recipes. I liked Sugarshack's recipe and Indydebi's recipe, both in the recipe section on this site. Both are white and very smooth.
I am a newbie at cake decorating, having taken the three Wilton courses last summer just because my friend needed someone for buy one, get one free. I am on the boys athletics booster club board at my son's junior high and volunteered to make the cakes for their awards banquet. I was also in charge or decorating the gym for the banquet and then got the bright idea to make cookie bouquets for each of the 6 coaches. I want to say THANK YOU to so many of you who helped me...
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