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Each week one child in the class has to bring an edible activity for the rest of the class to do. It needs to be something done in class and not at home. There are no oven ect so you need to bring the stuff already baked. The kids are all 4 and 5.I have searched the internet to no avail.Please help
Help I'm looking for ideas for my sons class for bakerman. (I need to provide an creative edible activity for 20 4 year olds) I know there are a whole bunch of creative geniuses here on cake central, and I’m a little to snowed under to even think!! An ideas would be hugely appreciated!!!Thank you
Please help urgent request.Does anyone have a eggless royal icing recipe for use in gingerbread houses. Can not use meringue powder as meringue powder is dehydrate eggs.Thank you
Don't sunflower sugar art flower come out looking fake?
The corn husk idea is awesome!!! THANK YOU!! I have pet rats and they know how to clean a corn cob!!!!
Its really difficult here in S Africa as I have to order all my stuff online!! Even books!!! So all help and advise is seriously appreciated!!!
I want to buy some flower cuttters and veiners and was hoping someone could help me with who makes the best? Scott Clark Wooley? And instructional books? So confusing
I want to invests in some nice cutters and veiners and would really appreciate some advice as to who makes the best.Thank you
I was wondering if it is possible to freeze a cake once you have iced it or put fondant on. I'm trying to work out how to make 150 mini cake and a big cake for a wedding. If it is possible how long will it keep in the freezer?Thank you for taking the time to answer me.
can you use ordinary food coloring in an air brush?
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