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Thankyou, i'll have to try that out. I used the wilton recipe before and didn't care for it, so maybe i'll have better luck with a different one.
Is it better to buy the gumpaste or make it yourself? I've made it before and it turned out ok but i'd much rather buy it. Thanks for all the info, I've been worried about the shipping and thinking maybe I could keep it more local so I can deliever it myself. I need so much practice first though. I was looking at some of the flowers on etsy and there's no way I can compete with them! But practice makes perfect Some day i'll get there.
The orange should show up fine over the tan, although it might not be as vibrant as it's suppose to be. You have to becareful with the quality of the paper your getting. Sometimes it can be brittle if it gets too dried out and you won't be able to mold it to the cake well with out it cracking and breaking. I'm not sure on what their policies are but it may be considered a copywritten image and it may be hard to get someone to reproduce it for you. Just some problems that...
Thank You for all of your suggestions and encouragemet! I need some practice before I could even attempt to sell any of my work but it's nice to have something to strive for!
I recently found out my husband and I are pregnant (very exciting) But it's made me put my plans to open my own cake business on the back burner for a few years. In the mean time I've been trying to think of ways to make money at home that might still benefit my business later on. Have any of you thought about or are selling gumpaste/royal icing flowers to local business or even shipping them out? My thinking is I can get a ton of practice making flowers while still...
I order quite a bit from Country Kitchen Sweet Art, they have some of everything and seem pretty well priced. There are a ton of online stores you can buy from though and sometimes it really pays to shop around. There are a ton of recipes of all kinds on here that I have found very helpful. I also recently ran across Crumb Boss, she is awesome! If you go to her website for woodland bakery, nj she has a section for blogs and videos and posts all of her recipes plus videos...
I'm just in the 1st stages of develping my business plan, but from everything I've heard it's best to get a lawyer to draft up some for you, that way if there are any problems you would be protected. Good luck with your business, it sounds like your doing good!
I would charge around 20-30, but i've never made gluten free cakes before either and i'm sure they are a lot more involved, so maybe 40-50?
I think that sounds like enough cake, it depends on how large of slices she's serving as well. But to me it seems like it'd be more than enough.
I have a friend who wants me to do her 30th anniversary cake next weekend but she wants it iced in fudge icing. I've used it as a filling before but never to ice a cake. From my experience it's not extremely easy to spread. Can it be done and if so are there any good recipies for it? TIA!!!!
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