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I put it on a cardboard cake board which in turn is put on a piece of foam board.
Help!!  Anyone know why I would get horizontal cracking in my buttercream? 
That's what I was thinking but how would I support the head/neck when it's just RKT?
I have been asked to do this Turbo cake and am completely clueless when it comes to the construction/support of 3d cakes.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
Anybody know of a good pineapple cake recipe that is sturdy enough to be carved a little?
I will be doing a cake in the next few weeks that is to be a realistic size "ice bucket". What/how much support should go into this cake? Thanks in advance for any tips!
I have a tombstone cake in my Pics; however, the grave is the cake part. My tombstone was made out of gumpaste.
Does anyone have the Fat Daddio Airbrush System? I'm looking into purchasing one in the next few months and was wondering if this particular one would be recommended. Thanks in advance.
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