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I have made cake balls alot but never the cake pops. I was wondering if anyone has problems with dipping the cake pops or balls and the choc cracking. I usually just melt my choc and dip. I was wondering if anyone thins down choc or if there is a trick to it. Thanks so much for all your help
Thank you so much. I was wondering if that would be a good size. I really appreciate your help.
I need to make a football helmet. Does anyone have suggestions for cake sizes. I want it to be the size of a real helmet. I would sure appreciate it. I have an idea but i think it might be to small. Thanks so much
Thanks you guys i am gonna go look at your galleries.
I am gonna make a round cake with just the tower on top. Would i be better off making the tower out of rice crispy treats. Or does some one else have a better idea. Thanks so much for all your help.
I scrapbook and the carts are always on sale. I bought 2 from michaels not to long ago for 29,99. And they were new ones. Keep your eye on sales at michaels and joanns. on sale all the time.
Thanks everyone. I am gonna try in advance some of the suggestions.
Thanks so much every one. I really appreciate it.
I have tried it just doesnt seem to be the dark color i need. I am hoping the someone here can give me some help. I have seen a few navy blue helmets in the gallery. Thanks so much for your help.
Really needs to know how to get navy blue fondant. Can any one help me. I need to make a chicago bears helmet. Thanks so much.
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