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Jackie, did you remove this post?  I'd sure like to see what that link used to show!  Thanks.
Was wondering if anyone can help me figure what to charge for six undecorated, but assembled, gingerbread houses which measure about a cubic foot.  I know what I'd charge for a finished house, but it was kind of an arbitrary decision.  Can someone please give me some suggestions?   THANK YOU!
THAT'S IT!  Thank you so much!!!!!  
Hope someone can help me - I recently saw a tutorial on FB that showed how to make a screen for use with airbrush to decorate cookies.  They used an embroidery hoop and plain lace background.  Thought I had saved it, and it's not here - and now I need it!      Is anyone familiar with the technique I've (sort of) described, or the tutorial?  Thanks in advance!  
I understand why you ask - I've wondered the same thing.  But remember, fondant is a lot more expensive than RI.  Even if you make your own, your time and materials cost more.  I charge by diameter and detail, and not RI versus fondant.  It seems to even out, and my clients have never questioned.  Hope this helps!
A suggestion that works for me when I have the time: just make a small cake for yourself (and whomever), and try what you plan for the wedding cake. Cut it in half, and see how it "matures". I also really like sweettreat101's suggestion of putting the sliced berries on paper towels - that should help. One question, though - have you refrigerated fondant-iced cakes before? That's not something that has worked well for me...
Well, hey, there you go!
Oooh... I'd be winging it if I told you yes. Can you afford to experiment here? You'd be subbing a liquid for a dry ingredient, but it might not make a huge difference. Maybe some of our other bakers have the experience to advise you. I hope you get some answers soon!
All you can do is all you can do. Her ... how shall I say it?... intense focus on the magazine cake is HER problem! There's a contract, and you will do your best - what more can you do? Besides turn her down, I mean...
I'm thinking you might have to run to the store anyway; sorry. It's frustrating. I had to make a half-hour drive, one way, this morning for a $1.69 item that I passed twice yesterday! Not a happy camper. But now I have what I need to do it right, and you will too.Your other option would be to bake a vanilla cake and make chocolate icing with chocolate chips if you have any. Good luck!
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