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I have a pink panther cake that I need to start for tomorrow. It's for a 12 year old. 3 tiered cake. Her Mom wanted Ballroom dance and pink panther (the new movie) to be the main theme. All I can think of is pink, black and white and a big diamond. I need help. Especially where it's so big. Thanks for any suggestions!
Can anyone help me know how to do peonies? I can't find anything. What cutter do I use? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks so much! I know it won't seap through! It worked. I'm doing a new cake now that requires more detail and I need more time to work on it. I'm going to make the filling out of the recipe above, but I'm wondering if two days is too long to leave a cake with that type of filling and I've heard that covering it with fondant and then putting in the fridge is a no no. Right? Thanks everyone for your comments!!!
So, I have a cake due on Sunday. It's Friday. When can I fill it with a strawberry filling??? Do I have to do it that day? Is today too soon? I can't find the forum on this. Sorry.
I know I have read this, but can't find out where. I am doing a cake tonight for tomorrow and filling it with rasberry filling. I think it might seap through the cake. Is there a gelatin wash or something I'm suppose to use in between layer???
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