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I got tickets to see Buddy when he is in Des Moines. I am taking my 13 yr old daughter and my 29 yr old daughter bought her a ticket. I can't wait to see him. I heard they will have a taste sampling on his cake.
I was wondering the same thing! I ordered a set for a wedding in 2 weeks and I am really worried as I have never used them before!
I have kept it as long as 3 months. It seems to get used sooner than that, but the longest I kept it (in a tupperware type container) was 3 months.
I freeze my left over batter all the time. Box mix and from scratch. They both turn out great!I tried it out on my family first and they said do it again.It comes out perfct!
Which is better for Buttercream frosting, Milk or Water? What is the differance??Thanks for your help.
I was wondering the same thing. Is it B/C or fondant?
SO I take it that Sponge Bob, Twilight and the Cavaliers are not copyrighted?just wondering.
I live in Des Moines and would be able to do a small cake.
This is what I did for my son's deployment party. didn't want to say good-bye or good luck. It is hard when it is your loved one.My son went to Iraq for a year and is back but is leaving for Afghanistan in October. Good luck and God bless you and your family.
I bought some at Web restrant supply and was VERY happy with it. I ordered 2 cases of 1/2 sheet cake boxes and 1 of them had water damage, just 1 box in the bundle was bad. I emailed them and they sent me for free a case of 50 more.
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