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I charge $35.00 for 1/2 Sheet frosted in buttercream.I don't do full sheets, only 1/2 sheets because my scratch chocolate isso heavy.I live in Iowa.
I have frozen both box and scratch batter. It does great.I have kept ot frozen for up to 3 months and it works just as new.I always freeze my left over batter. Once I used it all and made a marble cake. It tasted wonderful!
I am looking for an edible images for sugar cookies. I need some that say "its a girl" ..or boy depending on what the ultra sound says. I want to make some for my daughter when she gives birth. I don't have a printer and don't have the cash to buy one. Does anyone know where I can buy these?
Meet with the bride, show your pictures and let her taste your cake.Let the bride decide. If you don't think you can do it, than be honest with her.
Duncan Hines for me too! I just bought 20 boxes from my local HY Vee store. Thay have it on sale for 89 cents a box!
I bought the bags and 1 out of 3 of those worthless bags would rupture while decorating a cake. I complained and wrote a lewtter to micahels and the response was "thank you for your concern, we will pass the information on to the buyers". Pass it on all you want, I will buy my bags at Hobby Lobby from now on. And only Wilton bags. My husband threw the rest out and went to Walmart to get me some bags. He was tired of me whining about the bags. So next time i am buying...
If anyone knows who to contact in Des Moines Iowa, please let me know how to find out. Thanks
Is there an ICES group in Iowa?? I would like to go, anyone know??
I went to his show here in Iowa. I loved it! He is so funny and nice! I bought his book at his show. I was one of the ladies picked from the audiance and won a t shirt for doing a cupcake like he did. I got hugged 2 times by Buddy! I felt like a teenager at a rock concert! He said they are building a warehouse to bake and ship cakes out. He is also opening a pizza restaurant around the corner from the bakery with his father-in-law. The name will be Sophia's after his...
OK, so I am doing a wedding cake next weekend and I ordered the SPS system everyone is talking about. Well, I get the box yesterday and Yep, I got the legs. I didn't know I had to order the 4in legs too, I thought they came with them, Duh to me! So I rush to the computer and ordered the legs, I sure home they come in time. I ordered through Sugar craft and got the las box in a week so I hope they come in time. Oh well, live and learn!
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