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it is non-toxic, safe to eat.However it is gritty which is why i don't like it.Of course play dough is ok to eat and I don't like it either! LOL
BRB BOX boxes I get at Sam's bakery. They are the cheapest for me.
Just saying, people jump on each other about being legal.I am because I live in Iowa. I am a hobby baker, mostly for family. I have no desire to go professional, I don't have the time. But good luck to you, follow your dreams!I love giving my kids and grandkids a nice cake that tastes great and is cute. Saves them money and I have fun with it.
I think word of mouth. Also giving away samples ?Get prepared to be flamed. Are you able to bake in your home? I live in Iowa and can bake in my home.
Glad it turned out ok. I am sure it was it hit!
I used the button mold to do a baby shower cake for the State fair. I got 2nd place.
I think you do great work! And I agree, why does everyone jump down your throat. I thought this web page was for anyone who like to do cakes. I am a hobby baker and legal to do so in my home in Iowa. I make cakes for friends and family and people at church and work. I love to decorate and learn new things. I know so much time goes into some cakes and big box stores would never do them because they would not make enough money off them. Keep up the good work, you are amazing!
I would bring cakes to work for people to taste. I would decorate them to practice.Once they see and taste your cakes word of mouth will get you orders.
I would charge $50 for the cake alone. The doll would be extra $ and I would charge at the very least $20 more for fondant. I tend to be on the cheap side, as I too am a hobby baker.
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