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I do have easy access to LorAnn flavorings. I'll pick one up.I added 3t of gelatin dissolved in 3T water, mixed it and let it sit in the fridge for about 40 minutes. It doesn't seem any thicker. Will it continue to thicken up as it sits? Or should I keep adding more gelatin until I'm satisfied?Thank you so much for your help!
And can I dissolve the gelatin in the pineapple juice that I saved? That would help add some flavor back in.
I drained the pineapple this time because of the problems I had the first time. The problem is, without the juice, the pineapple flavor isn't nearly as strong. I really want a stronger flavor, but don't know how to do it without just using a bottle of flavoring and getting the consistency I need. I tripled the recipe (making a wedding cake). Should I use 3 tsp of gelatin?
I've made the "Simple Pineapple filling" by goldenegg twice now. It's too thin both times. I don't want to add 10lbs of powdered sugar to thicken it up so it's the proper consistency for a filling. A couple comments on the recipe suggested adding pudding, but I don't really want to change the flavor with pudding. Do you think I could add some unflavored gelatin to thicken it up? Or even some cornstarch dissolved in some pineapple juice? Thanks in advance for your help!
The gallery moderator has already removed my picture. Is it just me or does this website have TONS of bugs lately? Nothing seems to work right anymore. Sorry, no picture for you to look at.
I added the picture to my album if you want to see it. I don't know why it won't upload here. I've tried several times.
Where are my attachments? Grrr! Evidently adding attachments isn't working. Please help anyway! Thanks!
My cousin is getting married tomorrow and I'm making the cake. Just covering it in fondant so the mother of the bride can decorate it with flowers. I need input on the heights of the layers! It's a fairly small 2 layer. They wanted the layers to be uneven; bottom shorter than the top. I have them iced and ready for fondant, but I'm worried the proportions are off. I've attached a picture. The bottom is an 8" round layer and is 3.38" tall. The top is a 6" round and...
What do you all use to sharpen the dowels you put through the entire cake? I usually just use a 1/4in dowel and can use a pencil sharpener, but what about larger dowels? In Edna's video it looks like she's using a 1/2in dowel. How on earth do you sharpen that?
Thanks for the compliment!The cake will just be on a prefab foil covered board. I plan to put a dowel through it so it doesn't slide around. I'm worried about the buttercream cracking or shifting, but I really don't want to do fondant. I just don't have time.
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