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Great suggestions...gonna search youtube some more. Thank you everyone!!!
Thank you...I see what you are saying and I appreciate the input. Sounds good!
Ooops...I never should have posted a picture my sister found online since it isn't one of my own. I cannot figure out how to delete the pic or edit the thread, so my apologies.
Just to mention, the other threads I found here relating to icing in 2 different colors referred to icing the top in one color and the then side in another. I'll be icing an 8 inch cake, but would like the bottom half of the side iced in white and then the top half of the same side along with the top of the cake to be in another color. I plan to drape fondant to hide where the two colors join, but will not cover the cake in fondant. I hope that made sense. I'm trying to...
Would it be easier to bake smaller cakes and put them side by side? I've had to do that in the past because my oven is so small. Just a thought...
Hobby Lobby has a silver/nickel cake plateau that is 14" and you can use a 40% off coupon, when the item is not on sale. Just an idea. I ordered mine online b/c we don't have a Hobby Lobby store near me. The link below shows it's on sale right now for $37.49. I have not had a chance to use mine yet, so I cannot give my own personal review. But there are 4 reviews on the site and those 4 reviews give it a 5 out of 5 star rating....
How big of a stand do you need? What size is your bottom tier? interest is peaked. I will try it as soon as it appears at Michael's or Hobby Lobby so I can use a coupon. I won't pay that regular price. Thanks for sharing!
How about just referring to it as a 'cake break'...doesn't have to imply that you won't be home, but just that you aren't available for cake order. Enjoy your vacation!
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