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I really feel for you. I had a similar disaster which I called my caketastrophe. I made my first wedding cake and had to transport it 50 mi. away. Looking back I think it fell as soon as I left the driveway. Upon arriving at the wedding and opening the tailgate I saw my three tier square cake in a heap. I was devastated and spent the next THREE hours trying to fix it. Luckily I had brought extra frosting and tools with me. About a third of it ended up in the...
Thanks for the advice !
HI: Anybody have a recipe for a cookie icing that will go on smooth like RI does but will not dry hard and crunchy like RI? I want it to remain somewhat soft. Thanks for your hellp.
Is there a tutorial for a carved dog cake - specifically a bulldog? And what cake recipe is best for a carved cake. Thanks for your help.
Wow, what a great site on etsy. This company is only 50 mi. from my home. Here is my question; what product do I use in these molds? fondant, fondant with tylose, modeling chocolate ? ? I've never worked with molds. Thanks
I'm making the red, black and white angry birds for my grandson's birthday. Any ideas on how I can cover the board ? I thought an astro-turf type surface would be cute but not sure about putting food on that. Any suggestions from all you creative people out there?
While having a water aerobics class at local YMCA one of the senior ladies said she had lost her ring - probably in the pool. The entire class searched for 20 min. for her ring even using goggles. All of a sudden she announced it was on her finger the entire time. Go figure.
Is it standard practice to only "dirty ice" a cake before putting on fondant? I thought you could put on a regular layer of icing and still put fondant over it. Sometimes on the second day my fondant seems to begin drooping. Is it because it is shifting over the icing layer? Is there a way to avoid this? Most people don't eat the fondant so I like to have a layer of icing there, otherwise all you get is cake once you peel off the fondant. Does this make sense?
HI: I made one recently and I used yellow cake for the buns and chocolate cake for the "burger" with choc. buttercream icing. Good luck to you.
HI: I am making a luggage piece for a friend's birthday and would like to do it in buttercream with travel stickers all over it. How would I go about getting some made on edible paper or are there any other ideas ?
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