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I just saw your post, actually 3 of them and I'm really surprised no one was able to help Sorry so late, what did you end up doing?? Hope it worked out!!
WOW 2-4x a day?? Guess its not "just a store" for you so I take that back, if I were going that often, it would bother me too.
be happy you can buy those items at your walmart, the one by me doesn't carry any cake mixes except yellow an no dream whip. Is it really that big of a deal that some stuff has been rearranged? lol
There's only a couple more days for voting. I know on past throwdowns, over 300 people PLEASE VOTE!!!!! Thanks everyone
Do you have instructions how to make it? Did you just add corn syrup to melted chocolate? I made it twice and both time...hard as a rock!
I am going through the same situation with my best friend!! Next month, I will be doing a bridal shower cake, and I offered to do it for free since my friend wasn't included in the planning of the shower and I felt so bad, plus I would love the exposure. Anyway, I think because she feels bad I am doing a 3-tier fondant cake for free, she wants to "help." I do not work well with others at all, when it comes to decorating. I have a process and certain way I do things and...
I'm not sure what exactly you're looking for help with. You can stack the cake on sight, but how would it not get ruined going through an xray machine?? What does your mother mean by you don't get any say in it? you mean any say in the design?From what I did understand, it seem like you do not really want to do this cake. I think you should talk to your mother about it and tell her how you feel.
I absolutely love both of these cakes, the flowers on both are so beautiful!KEEP THE VOTES COMING GOOD LUCK LADIES!!
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