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I have noticed that anytime I make a post, it appears twice. It's not intentional, Don't know why...
I'm putting an order in for books and wanted recommendation for the best cake books. I was thinking of Collette Peters books, not sure which one, but if you have other suggestions would appreciate them.
For those who use milk, how long can the buttercreamed cake stay out on the counter or better said- out of the fridge? What is the highest temperature you've kept the buttercream with milk?Thanks.
MsTonyasCakes,Thanks for the info. I'll start checking around. I was wondering about the brand name, is it printed on the bottle; for example- Dominos, Castilla, Benjamin's etc. I don't waiting until tomorrow.
MsTonyasCakes,Can you give me the name of the vanilla you got in Honduras, I would love to try it, I'm just north of Honduras.Thanks many
I found the post!Under Forum-General- try the second page(2) the topic is called: Something I found out regarding MMF. Hope this helps.
Hi,I came across a post yesterday on CC that said that MMF can be frozen a about three months in freezer. Once thawed is good to work with.
Maria, I would really appreciate if you could post that buttercream recipe using flour to cut down on greasiness and sweetness. I just need an idea of how much flour to add.Maybe people do get used to the 100% crisco, I can't! The problem here is that humidity is sooo high that nothing else will hold up. Some months ago I tried the dream whip buttercream. This is fantastic but here people don't refregerate cakes. I made the mistake of leaving it out overnight and I got...
Maria,With the 100% crisco buttercream, have you ever had a problem like this- when you taste the buttercream, it doesn't melt in your mouth, instead a lot of shortening stay on your tongue,as if though it separates from the sugar? How do you fix this problem? Sorry it sounds gross, I don't know how else to describe it.
Sorry about this silly question, but what do you use the fonts for? Do you do buttercream transfers with them? Just curious, but would really like some feedback.
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