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Really, I was wondering if we could use modeling chocolate, because everyone uses, fondant, and gumpaste, Which brand of modeling chocolate do you use?Thanks.
I rarely, add the salt in that is in the recipe's that comes with my cakes, and they always taste great, (no Worries).
Thank you for sharing, it is greatly appreciated!
Yep, got mine from BJ's, but theirs don't come with the Plunger.
I too would love a link, for the bags please, I buy 50 for $2.50 at walmart, yours is a much better deal.Thanks.
The above link I posted tells you how to make it.,and the taste is 100% better.
I make My Own, I use Absolute Vodka, And I bought the vanilla Beans, on EBAY, For $25 for A pound nd got a quaretr pound for free. it's called Here's the topic here on CC.
That was my Question, I too am Puzzled, Unless it is someone's elses photo she posted in her account.
It is white chocolate wraps.
You always make amazing cakes Kara, Congrats.
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