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I am not sure yet what to use for the sticks I have ready some people say they use toothpicks and others use sucker sticks. I am thinking that you are right that I should just assemble there.
I am doing a cake ball cake for a wedding this weekend. It is 3 tiers with cake balls covering each of the cakes. I have never made one and I am feeling indecisive about if I should assemble the cake and then drive it 45 minutes or assemble it there. I am reluctant to do both. My question is for those who have done a cake ball cake, Did they stay in the cake pretty well? I hate to try to do it on location but I am afraid they will fall out when I am driving. Any suggestions?
That one stressed me out but in the end it was ok. Thanks for everyones help...well I tried to add the pic but can't see to get it to attach.
I decided on the top tier that I am just going to cover cardboard and do the overhangs out of that. I am making it out of 6 9x13 cakes but because I am tapering them in I wasn't sure how much support I need between each of those layers, I guess I could taper the cake boards in between but wasn't sure if boards in between was necessary.
what did you do for support between layers? I have to do the cake this weekend....thanks again for all your help.
Thanks I think it was your cake that I saw on Flickr if I am not mistaking and I asked about it. Great job this gives me a direction to go in...but I am not sure I could make all those men. lol
I had thought about both RKT and the idea of putting a board on it. I was thinking about doing a base and then building the top deck as the actual cake. The board underneath holding the cut out parts. Thanks for the images they were helpful. I thought about not cutting the curves...thanks for showing me what that would look like. It doesn't look bad at all.
My coworker wants an aircraft carrier cake for her husbands Navy retirement. See pic here: can't figure out how to do it. The cake gets smaller toward the bottom of the ship so it would not support the top half if I did it out of cake. Also there is the part where the ships take off from that hangs off the side of the ship. I can't figure out how to cut that out without the cake...
If she didn't necessarily want it only on the edges I have done it like this (ignore the bad I am still a beginner just poured the ganache in the center and then used my knife to force it over the edges. Then stacked the next tier and repeated.
well at least you know what not to do. It was heartbreaking =( especially because I thought I was going to be able to fix it but couldn't. Its sad to work that hard on something and then have a whole party of people see it as a mess. Oh well I guess its a learning experience...
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