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Thank you for the help. I love the SMBC, but getting that smooth finish has been a challenge.
Can someone help me to locate a tutorial or instructions for doing royal icing transfers? Your help is appreciated!
I read somewhere that Jeff Arnett has a great method for smoothing SMBCr IMBC called the upside down method. Can someone help me to find it? I have a hard time manouvering around the website. Thank you to everyone for all of the great tips!
I have found that the cutting mats in the dollar store in the scrapbooking section work great for me. My exacto knife or other cutters don't harm it and fondant doesn't stick. And it only cost $1. The size is 17" x 20".
I think my husband and I just figured it out. For one pound of batter or icing (approx. 500g), you would need 4.48g of Amoretti extract. For compounds that need 3-5% use level, that would mean 15-25g per 500g of batter or icing. I hope this helps. These extracts and compounds are wonderful and puts us into the big leagues!
I just received my free samples of Amoretti extracts and compounds. They are amazing. Has anyone worked out how much of each product is needed in the WASC cake recipe? My kitchen scale is not calibrated to measure such small quantities. Thank you for any input.
I have read a lot about using a cricut to cut out gumpaste figures, but is it then food safe? The adhesive on the cutting board does not seem food safe to me. What is your opinion.
Can anyone tell me which is the best buttercream to use? The recipes are similar, but what are the strenghts or weaknesses for each?Thank you for your input.
Can someone please direct me to a tutorial on making fondant or gumpaste people. If have seen some wonderful examples in the gallery, but I need some hands on teaching. Thank you!
I am trying to cover a rice krispie shape with fondant, but it looks bumpy from the cereal. How can I get a nice smooth finish on the fondant?
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