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I recently did a cake with a smear of buttercream, then whipped cream and a layer of sliced strawberries. The berries did not seep out, but when cut, the cake wanted to separate into its layers where the berries were. I was not happy with how it sliced or looked on the plate, although I did weigh it down before icing it. I thought maybe next time I would mix the berries and whipped cream, but now, after reading the preceeding posts, I am not so sure.
Hi everyone,I have some seen some great cakes with what looked like a printed message on a fondant placque. The lettering was perfect. How do you do this? It didn't look like tappits or cricut letters or piping. My piping skills are not that good and sometimes the letters I need are so small that my cricut doesn't cut them well. Is there another way? Thanks for any suggestions.
I am having a large cake tasting at a venue. I usually meet with one bride at a time. This time two wedding coordinators have arranged a large tasting for 7 different brides and their families at one time at a venue. There will be 15-17 people. I am not sure how to go about this. Have any of you done large tastings like this? Any tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Dear caking friendsIs it advisable to use spreading ganache as the crumb coat if I am using pouring ganache as the final finish? Will the temp. of the pouring ganache melt the ganache underneath and cause a flawed finish? Or is a crusting butter cream better to use as the crumb coat? Thanks for your help!
Hi, I'm from Ontario, Canada
How do you price a cake for a very small wedding? There are 19 guests, so I was going to use an 8" pan and then a complimentary 6" for the anniversary tier. An 8" cake pan will make 25 servings, but there will only be 19 guests at the wedding. Do you charge for the 19 servings, or the full 25 servings that the pan will provide? Either way I am using the same ingredients, but the wedding coordinator jumped right in insisting that there are only 19 guests! Any helpful...
I'm sure this topic has already been discussed, but I can't get any results on the search feature. How do you handle cake tastings? Do you offer it for free, how many flavours do you offer, etc. I have been baking a fresh small cake for them to sample, and maybe offer some other flavours if I have something in my freezer, but I haven't charged them for it. I have a small business making wedding cakes for a bed and breakfast/resort. Thank you all for all of the help and...
Can you use this projector for cakes as well. Can you give me some decorating details of how to use it for cakes.
When cleaning tips in the microwave, are they then grease free and usable for royal icing?
What is the cleaning tips in the microwave idea?
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