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I struggle with getting perfectly straight sides on my cake tiers. I always torte each layer, so the tier is 4 layers of cake and 3 of filling. I always have to cut and trim each tier before crumbcoating to ensure that my frosted sides will be perfectly straight. But on the cake shows, they never seem to have to do that. Does anyone else struggle as I do?
Thank you so much! I knew there was a trick to it. You helped a great deal!
If this has been asked and answered, please forgive me, but can anyone explain or direct me to a tutorial for teapot cakes? I want to do a good job for an exceptional lady. Any help is greatly appreciated!
I love to use SMBC under fondant, except in the hot humid months. When I try to cover a chilled SMBC with fondant in the summer, I have lots of trouble with extreme sweating and blow outs in the fondant. My house is not air conditioned, so that is probably part of the problem. During the spring, fall, and winter it is SMBC under fondant for me.
Is there a way to get a gumpaste high heeled shoe to dry quickly? I just got an order for a shower cake 2 days away, and I don't know if this is possible. Thanks for any help!
I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but can you put dark chocolate ganache under white fondant? Does it change the overall look of a white wedding cake? Thank you for your input!
Does anyone have this problem? I made a WASC lemon cake, 12" and it sank in the middle. I used whole eggs because when I made the WASC orange cake, it sank with egg whites, so I used whole eggs and it was better. Now with a lemon cake whole eggs made it sink. It is so aggravating when I can't use this layer because it sank. What a waste!!!
How does SMBC do as a crumb coat under fondant for a summer outdoor wedding? Has anyone had the SMBC melt under the fondant? I usually have no problems at all with indoor weddings, but I have an order for an outdoor event, and I am a bit concerned. Thanks for your input!
What is the shelf life for homemade fondant, specifically MFF? Does it have to be refrigerated for storage, or is it shelf stable for a while?
I need a lot of chocolate fondant to cover a large wedding cake. Is Choco-pan fondant a good product?
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