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I mixed the batter thoroughly, but the red velvet cake still came out streaky. Has any one else had this problem? I used a liquid red food coloring and the Joy of Baking red velvet recipe. Thanks for any help.
I have done a number of grad hats. Some times I use a half ball pan inverted. But if the scale isn't right for what I am doing, I have made the base using RKT. The top is always a square of cardboard covered with black fondant. This could be used right away if needed.HTH!
Do you ever put a circle of parchment on the cake before pushing the leg assembly into it, to enable the plate to be lifted off cleanly without bringing fondant with it when you are serving the cake?
I have done a similar cake, but to cut costs and simplify things, I used chocolate covered sticks that I bought in our neighborhood grocery store. The finished look on the cake was just the same. It was dark chocolate, but I suppose you could dip them in white chocolate yourself if needed. Using the chocolate covered sticks, I didn't have to worry so much about breakage as I think the chocolate cigarillos are very fragile. I hope this helps.
I am covering a tiramasu cake ball with mercken's white chocolate and it is not covering well at all. Even if I double coat it, it does not look good. Has anyone else had this problem and what can I do about it? The chocolate looks gloppy and uneven. Please help!
I have tried the orange and lemon from Macsmom and they both sank in the middle just before the baking time was finished. Does anyone else have this problem?
I do not use the compounds, but rather the extracts. I find it to be more cost effective, since you only need such a small amount and they are shelf stable and last a looooong time. It is imperative to weigh the amounts exactly to get the wonderful flavors just right. A digital scale makes it easy.
I have tried stencilling on fondant, but can you do it on a crusting buttercream as well. How about a noncrusting buttercream like Swiss Meringue?
I noticed on "The Next Great Baker" that the guys cake that had differing heights of tiers looked more asthetically pleasing than the girls cake that had each tier 4". Is there a "rule of thumb" for cake design concering combining differing height of tiers, etc.? I need to have these things spelled out for me!
I DO use a bench scraper, but if the cake itself is not straight, even that is not enough to help.
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