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My original cricut has served me well, but now it needs to be replaced. There are now so many new electronic cutters out there. Which one do you think is the best for cakes, and paper crafts? I have SCAL software. Thanks for any input.
I also make Michelle Foster's fondant, adding CoffeeMate hazelnut coffee creamer for the liquid. (Coffee Mate is pure white.) In addition, I add white chocolate candy clay to the finished fondant on day 2 as mentioned in Jennifer Dontz's video. It is sooooo manageable and delicious!
Hi, I have done a number of offset square cakes using SPS. First thing to consider is that you need a three inch difference between each layer: 6", 9", 12" for example. Then when I am ready to stack, I don't use square plates, I use round ones a bit smaller than the layer itself. This enables me to turn the layer easily into the exact position I want. Once I put on a bottom border, it doesn't move a bit. You know sometimes we like to tweek the set up a bit to get the...
My CC hero is Kitagrl. I love her cake designs and her forum posts. She is quality all the way!
I have been having this problem with my white cake recipe. I switched to a different recipe and no longer have the peeling issue. I still use my original recipe for round cake tiers, but the new recipe for cupcakes.
I use my Agbay for all my cakes. I love it!
Hi, I must be the only person in the world who does not go on facebook. Could you please post pics of your studio in the gallery section? I would love to see it!!!! Thanks.
I had a similar situation recently. In our first consultation the bride brought a pic of a 4 tier square with piping and ribbon border. The florist would supply fresh hydrangeas. A change from the pic is that each tier would be off-set. With the number of servings needed, and the off-set design, the top tier would only be a 4" square. When I delivered to the venu, the bridal party wasn't there yet, so no one made any comments. Weeks later I got an email from the bride...
My favorite fondant is Michelle Foster's fondant in the recipe section. It is easy to make, tastes delicious, and is very workable. I add white chocolate to it and it is to die for!! My customers love it!
I too have had great success with my cricut, although it takes some trial and error with each cake. The consistancy of the gumpaste is critical. One more note, SCAL and MTC no longer work with the cricut due to licencing issues. This is such a shame because it opened the possibilities endlessly. If there is another software that will work with the cricut, I would love to hear about it!
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