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I have an upcoming wedding cake that is to be iced with Swiss Meringue butter cream. Can I pipe royal icing accents on it? Will the royal hold up? Thanks
When using ganache under fondant, do you have to let the cake settle? Or will the firmness of the ganache let you skip the settling step?
I need to stock pile some roses and orchids for upcoming cakes. I would like to make them now and use them within a month, but my house is not air conditioned and the heat and humidity is terrible. When I made roses for my last cake, they were dry and nicely set, but then wilted a few days later on a very humid day.Luckily, I was able to save them by resupporting the petals and they firmed up again before I needed to assemble the cake. What is the best way to store...
I''m sorry if this question has been asked and answered, but do you have to let your cakes settle when covering with ganache, or can you skip the settling step?
I like to use SMBC exclusively, but we all know that it doesn't do well on very hot days. In that case I mix 2/3 SMBC with 1/3 sugarshack's BC and it works well for me. It still has the wonderful taste of SMBC but the durability of ABC in the heat. This is for cupcake swirls.
Did you warm the choco-pan slightly in the microwave before starting? I have used this product before and heating slightly really helped me.
Thank you all for your replies!
Is it possible to mix petal dust and vodka and use it in an air brush, or would it clog. I really want to try luster dust to spray on a cake, but I'm not sure if it would work.
Most of the weddings that I bake for are held outdoors in a tented venu. When it is really hot, and I am doing a cupcake display, I often mix SMBC and ABC. That way I get the taste of SMBC but the stability of ABC in higher temps. It still tastes delicious if you use mostly SMBC.
I made a cake like this, but with a much more simple method. I made a standard round layer cake and made the Elmo as a poured chocolate figure. I attached lolypop sticks to the back of Elmo with more melted chocolate. It was extremely stable and very realistic.
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