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I would call KA and explain what happened, see if they will send you replacements. I had problems with my paddle after putting it in the dishwasher a few times where the white coating started to flake off, and KA sent me a new one at no cost. Worth a try!
I have purchased the beater blade and LOVED it except for a MAJOR broke...TWICE! Both times I noticed a crack in the plastic where it connects to the mixer, and finally it broke into pieces while I was using the mixer. The first time I contacted the company and they sent me a replacement, but it only took a few months for it to do the same thing. It really stinks because this product is AWESOME, and going back to the original KA beater is a drag. I do...
I don't charge by lb, I generally charge by the serving (3 cookies per serving.) For a small tray (10-15 people/45 cookies) I charge $25, medium (25-30/90 cookies) $50, and for a large tray (50-60 people/180 cookies) $100. It ends up working out to 55 cents/cookie. I don't "cut a deal" as the trays get's a lot of work to bake that much, and usually the actual trays you are plating them on are more expensive. For decorated cookies that aren't bagged/bowed I...
Thanks for posting about this. I don't live far from the city; I definitely want to go!
Mazz-Yep, I made the choco garnish. It's very easy to do....just spread chocolate out on parchment, stripe it with white choco (or opposite) and then run a toothpick through it in the opposite direction as you made the stripes. Then refrigerate it and cut it into squares.I used either a 103 or a 104 tip.
I think these are my favorites. The chocolate is one that I had made for my birthday last year, and the butterflies I made for my daughter's in school birthday.
I've done it before with no problems. I just used a small amount of RI to attach the fondant/gumpaste decorations (I had made my decorations in advance, so they were dry...if your fondant was not dry, you might be able to get away with wetting the back with water and then placing it on the side.) With using RI, I just had to be careful not to use too much (but still use enough to hold it) or else the decoration would slide down before it had a chance to dry in place.
Free samples at an office party? Does anyone else see that as being rude? They must be on a budget and can't afford a cake. Maybe it's me and I'm in a crappy mood tonight, but I can't help but think WTF? It's one thing to ask for a donation for charity or what not, but for an office party? I would put money on it that the attendees of this office shindig would eat the cake and not even know where it came from.
Thanks for the replies...I didn't get any notifications; I came to bump myself and saw that you all had responded. =)K8-The angel wings are a good idea, and would actually have more of a significance than you realize.......we are very involved in the CF Great Strides walk every year, and my brother's team is called "Joey's Angels." I can't even tell you the amount of support that we've had from people...people that we don't even know! True angels. =)
Hi all! My brother just had a double lung transplant a little over 2 months ago, and should be able to come home within the next 2 weeks. My mom and sister in law are planning a party for him for this fall, partly as a welcome home party, and partly as a thank you to the amount of support, prayers, and outreach we've gotten this year through all of this. I don't think I can bring myself to make a cake shaped like lungs, and then have to cut and serve it (eww!) so I...
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