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I purchased a Kitchen Aid Pro 5 wide bowl about 5 years ago and haven't had any issues with it. I love it. I haven't used any of the others though. Happy Birthday and hope you get a great mixer!!
I bought "The Mat" from Sweetwise and a level. I need so many things though. Was wondering, do you find it easier to make your own cake drums to order them thru the mail? Can't find anyone selling multiple sized drums locally but then again we don't have any cake shops for that stuff.
Good for you!! I think it did well. I guess one way you could have gotten out of it would have been by saying you don't allow there to be other cakes and such with yours to avoid possilble issues if someone gets sick from eating cake. Hopefully she gets it now and does pay.
Should these cakes be frozen first?
Understand how you feel, I've had people turn me down on orders under $50. It is discouraging but then I remind myself I need to make money doing this and it isn't a free service nor do I wish to lose money on cakes.
It states the apples are fresh, I would worry about the juice from the apples if they were to have something go thru them, it is a very different design then I have seen before. I like it. I looked at the red apple picture and you could see one apple in it not quite level like the others so I would assume there is something going thru. Very interesting concept. I to wonder how it is done.
when I can't find what I'm looking for I go to coloring book pages (I print a lot of what I am going for in different angles for free online) and use them to study. It helps me or I also have been known to watch a movie with the figure I am wanting in it so I can study it in motion. Best of luck to you and post pictures when you are done.
I have achieved Navy Blue in fondant but by the time I did my fondant was VERY sticky and no matter what I added to it I couldn't get it a good consistency again. Hopefully you can do the airbrush like mentioned above. I would do a couple of sketches and run them past the bride and I bet once she sees some of your creativity she will be mucho impressed and pick a different design. Best of Luck!!
My local Walmart carries the wilton colors. Make sure to give your icing time to rest after you color it, the color will get darker as it sits some too. Happy Caking!!! Welcome to Cake Central!!
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