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I am pretty new to the cake decorating world. My expertise pretty much stops at baking and frosting a cake. The other day my sister was discussing my nephew's upcoming birthday party in October. He decided that he wanted a fire truck theme (he has a serious love the color red). I mentioned that I may be able to help out making a cake. In my head I am thinking a simple two tier cake. It has now grown into a 3D fire engine. Which to me to even be done even remotely...
Thanks vgcea and everyone for the help. Happy Turkey Day!
Thanks so much for the info. I meant covered as in covered in saran wrap versus putting it in the fridge or freezer without being covered with any type of cling wrap or dome cover. Sorry for not being clear enough earlier.
I know this maybe a silly question but I am attempting to decorate my first cake today. I have always been puzzled on one particular thing...after you crumb coat your cake when you place it in the refrigerator/freezer, is it covered or uncovered?
This is a very interesting read...I've seen multiple pictures of Minnie/Mickey Ears on top of cakes, purse cakes, designer shoes, Tiffany boxes and what not on this site alone. So, all of those examples are forms infringement if the decorator did not get Hope everyone is filing the proper paperwork =)
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