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I also mix fondant with tylose powder and have had great luck with it (lots of examples in my pictures). I used the tutorials and mixture instructions from Lorraine at Extra Icing too--they are easy to follow and easy to apply to lots of different figures.
I have found that these slices are very tall and should be very thinly sliced for people, or you end up with a lot left behind. There is just a ton of cake even though it doesn't seem that way. I end up using almost two entire cake mixes between the two sides and cut some off to level, but I have been able to easily get 16-18 servings out of the cupcake cake.
Thanks, JanH!
Maybe it isn't what they used for the pic, but I think the 2D would get you close....
Ok, I tried making the beer buttercream with a chocolate stout cake. It was a hit (groom's cake), but I couldn't bring myself to try the buttercream...the smell of the reducing stout on the stove made me nauseous. My husband tried it and said it was ok (not a beer drinker), but the wedding party loved it. I just made my regular vanilla buttercream and replaced the liquid with the reduced Guinness. And also brushed that on the cake like a simple syrup. The flavor isn't...
Does anyone have a good whoopie pie recipe that does not use shortening? In my frosting, I just replace any crisco from the recipe with butter, but I'm not sure I can do that with the actual cake portion of things. Thanks!!
Ohmygosh--I just found this thread and am thrilled! Thanks so much--I love this, especially the idea of a standing image...awesome!
I like mine, but I did think I would get more use out of it than I have so far. I found that wilton fondant w/tylose or wilton gumpaste work well...and I have Make the Cut to use with it, which allows you to bring in any image without changing the format. I do love the fonts. And I think that if I used it more often, I would get more out of it. The only issue I have is figuring out where on the mat the darn thing is going to start cutting!! Even when I lay it out on a...
Thanks, Zamode--I hope it's great! At this point, I think I will go with it, test or not...I don't have any other recipe to try.Two years, LindaF? Wow, is it 2011 already? I think I lost a year!!
Has anyone tried this frosting? I'm thinking of giving it a try this weekend for a friend's cake, but I don't know how to tell if it's any good...I like my buttercream sweet, and don't really care much for beer, so I'm pretty sure I won't like it, even if it's a fabulous recipe!!
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