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Thanks for sharing!
I wouldn't cover a cake while it is frozen. I did that once and the fondant started to melt. What happens, as the cake defrosts, the fondant "sweats" or condenses. I would suggest allowing it to thaw before you lay the fondant on.
Probably too much crisco and made it too soft...been there, did that!!! Also try rolling a little thicker.
A 6 inch will work well, maybe even an 8 inch, depending on what you are planning on doing.
Someone here on CC told me to just add a can of soda to your cake mix and that is it. I did try it and it turned out just fine...but they were just cupcakes. I can not be sure how a whole cake would turn out, but I would imagine that it would be OK. Good luck!
I make this all the time...I call it chocolate fudge and it is my best seller. My helper was making a bunch of these batches the other day and by mistake completly forgot to add the pudding all together. It turned out just would of never of known that it was missing! HTH!
I just made up a raffle slip ahead of time with Brides name, Grooms name, Wedding date, Address, Phone # and email. Between the free samples and the raffle, my booth was so busy! I just made up a sign saying free weddding cake raffle. i brought a container to put there slips in. What was cool was when I was less busy, like august, I called all of the weddings in august and offered them a special discount. I also had another sign saying if they booked their consult...
Bridal shows are so much fun! I did my first ones last year. The money is a tough pill to swallow for the booth, but is WAY worth your money. I did two shows last year and got over 50 bookings. That says a lot!!! What I did last year is make 3 different sheet cakes and we sliced them in tiny peices. 1" x 1" I had someone serving my cake for me so I could talk with the brides. I had about 6 dummy cakes made up all displayed nice and professional looking....lots of...
Wow-you need to call that bride and clear this up. That is your name on that cake and you really should get to the bottom of it! Please don't take this the wrong way, but why has it been a month? Call her and clear it up...let us know how it works out. Your cake was beautiful. The flowers are just ugly. And furthermore, the way they treated you and singled you out that day was completly wrong and unprofessional!
There is a purple cake in my photos of brush embroidery. I used the idea for the cake from the fondant book (Wilton). There are some good directions in their describing the technique and how to do it. Good luck!
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