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I use the doctored cake mix from the cake mix Dr.-1 box german choc cake mix (with pudding added in it)-1 cup of sour cream-1 tsp vanilla-3 eggs-1/2 cup of water-1/4 cup of oil-1 oz of red food coloringIt is very moist and suitable for any wedding cake or tiered cake. I think you will like it! Add cream cheese icing with it and your people will love it!!!
Thanks everyone! I am still having a hard time looking for the one I have in mind. I need it to be at least 14" in diameter to put a 6-8-10-12" tiered cake on it! I think I am going to take my hubby up on his idea and let him make me one from wood, and then I can paint it white! guys are great!
I am looking to purchase a white pedestal cake stand. I will be displaying a 4 teired wedding cake on it. I am thinking that the wilton one won't be big enough as it says that it only holds cakes up to 10" big. Does anyone know of anywhere that I could buy one that looks nice and is big enough? Thanks so much!!!
I am doing a wedding cake in a few weeks with whipped chocolate ganache filling and we are leaning towards a chocolate ganache icing. Does anyone have any good pictures I could show this bride and Groom as an example of what the icing would look like? I did a search, but am not having much luck. Also, any good recipes? Also, can chocolate ganache go under fondant? Thanks for your help!
I go through State Farm. They are the same company that covers our car and homeowners. I just called them up when I was starting up and told them I am starting a home based bakery and would like insurance and that it what they told me I needed at the very minimum. It covers me if god forbid someone tries to say my cake poisoned them, or anything like that at all. It also covers my kitchen and supplies in the event of some sort of fire, robbery, etc. I also picked up...
Here is a tutorial link for making them. you want the big ones with lots of loops...Make about 6 strips of fondant/gum paste in 7-8" lengths, 6 in a 5-6" length, 4-6 in a 3-4" length and a couple small ones and one for the final "loop". take each strip, and gently fold one end to the other making a loop without making any creases. Add some tissue inside loop to keep it from falling and attach with...
Cream Cheese or a white choc. mousse....yum!
I think that mine is for a million $$ and I pay 29 a month. I am just a home based business, but do deliver to many big venues in the area. I needed to be is a good thing to have. The world today is "sue happy!"
I add butterscotch pudding mix and it still tastes like spice cake and is very good!
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