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I have a customer here in PA who is moving to Cumming, Georgia, and is looking for someone she can call to make her cakes once she moves. She said she is near Alpharetta. If anyone is interested, please let me know and I will give her your information. Thanks so much!
I run my business out of my home. I am legal and licensed as well as insured. I live in a town home community that has an association that is a pain in my butt. When I first got licensed I even got a zoning permit (home based occupancy permit) through my local boro. I never even thought to check with the association. I have been doing this for a year now and I recently got a letter from the association to cease all business out of my home as I am not allowed to have a...
I am in Central Pa...right near Lancaster. I love to meet new decorators to share ideas with and have support! I too get a lot of calls and inquiries for NY, MD, DE or even Philly and Quakertown, PA etc...I am not really interested in doing business outside an hour at most from me! We should put together a list of phone numbers, websites, etc so we can all refer out! Thanks for thinking of a great idea!!!
This sounds yummy...I will give it a try-Thanks so much for the recipe!
Does anyone know of a good lime filling recipe? It will be a filling inside of a wedding cake...the theme of the wedding is Lemons and Limes and I will be using fresh lemons and limes on the cake instead of flowers. I found the lemon-lime recipe in the recipe forums, but that is all I could find.Thanks!
How about a cupcake tower? Mini cupcakes, or even regular size ones. You can be as unique as you want to with it. Since all of the other food is finger, why not the cake too. I have a few pictures in my photos of cupcakes. You could even make Antonia's stand and display the cupcakes on that. I made the stand and it was less than $50 to make it.
I really think that if you put the cream cheese as the filling, it would be fine. I would just refrigerate it well before delivering. You can use butter cream on the outside as the icing. Another option would be to buy cream cheese flavoring and add it to your butter cream frosting. That is normally how I make my cream cheese icings, because by law I am not allowed to make anything refrigerated since I am a home baker.
The press and seal method is cutting a piece of press and seal down to same size as your ribbon. Place ribbon on the sticky side of the press and seal and gently wrap around the cake. You don't need to press against cake too hard, you can use a little piping gel to help it adhere.
I swear by the press and seal method. I just use some piping gel to attach it. I have done many cakes with ribbon and since I have used this method I have had no grease stain problems!
Me too, it's the greatest thing to be so blessed to have the best of both is a little challenging at times to run a business and take care of my kids, and somehow give them the attention they deserve...but we manage!
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