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Ok gals...he read all of these wonderful posts and he's feeling like quite "the man" right now!!! I will get a close up picture of the stand and put his directions on later on tonight...I've gotta go and pop his bubble right now...I don't think his head is going to fit through the door!!!
The only time I ever leave cards at the reception venue, is if they ask for some. What I have started to do though is I have a packet of information that I leave with the caterers to give to the bride and groom along with a cake box for the top tier. In that packet of info, I leave directions for freezing the cake, a thank you letter, a coupon, 3 business cards and a brochure!
If I were quoting these size cakes out to a bride I would tell them that the bottom 2 tiers (w/out the top tier) would serve 110. With the top tier would serve 124.HTH!
I am covering a 3 tier wedding cake this weekend in ganache. I think what i am going to do is use the spatula method first, in a light coat. Then do the pour method. Do you think that will work?
I searched for months looking for a pedestal stand like the Wilton one, but big enough for a larger cake. The biggest I could find was a 14" diameter, to hold a 12" cake. So I had my DH make me this for a wedding I had earlier today. I was so pleased with it. He made it from wood. It is an 18" diameter and held a 16" cake on the bottom tier. Two thumbs for my hubby...he is on my good list for this week!!!
Don't give up! I know that you feel so low right now, but you WILL feel better. I have been where you are. The best decorators ever have had falls or some sort of mishap. It really is bound to happen when you are first starting out. You just need to learn from your mistakes and keep your head held high. Sounds like to me that if you can hang in there and learn a little time management between your business and your family, you will have much more peace with...
Also, try using an unbleached flour, instead of the regular all purpose.
What kind of flour are you using?
Thanks for all of the feedback! I especially like the hiring strippers idea!!! I went out and got a PO Box, hoping that this might help. I am going to let it ride and wait till they say something again...I am sure they will, its just a matter of time. I know I am being watched!!!I think that one of my biggest mistakes was getting my car lettered. It brought attention to what I do. They even went as far to look through my trash and tell me that I have commercial size...
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